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June 25 - July 25, 2017 (30 days)

Course description

The Duke-Geneva Institute is designed to address the educational and professional needs of students and young lawyers with an interest in international and comparative law as well as those with an interest in transnational practice. The Institute brings together a congenial group of participants and faculty members who wish to share their highly-varied legal backgrounds and cultures and to learn from one another. The academic program draws on the rich international community of Geneva and is enhanced by special seminars that complement and enrich the classroom instruction.

Courses will be divided into two two-week terms, each of which will be taught by a separate faculty member from a different legal culture in order better to expose participants not only to comparative law studies but also to different teaching methods. Six courses are offered in the program; students may enrol in as many as three courses. Students must enrol in the same courses for both terms of the program. Geneva lawyers may, however, attend a single course for one or both terms.

As regards social activities, a Welcome Dinner in the Restaurant Vieux Bois as well as a cruise on Lake Geneva are included.

Geneva students benefit from a considerably reduced participation fee. In return, prerequisite for participation is their willingness to help in organising social activities for the external participants. In particular, the intern students are expected to organise a day-excursion during the first weekend of the Institute. For details please see the attached document and the DUKE University program website:


Every course is completed by an exam at the end of the Institute (July 23 – 25). Each exam lasts 2 hours. It is not mandatory to take the exams.

However, exam completion is necessary to obtain ECTS credits. Master students may validate up to two Summer School courses (6 ECTS credits each) as optional courses in their Master program. Likewise, CDT/CTL students may validate up to two Summer School courses (6 ECTS credits each) as optional courses the CDT/CTL programme.

Target Audience

Bachelor and Master students, PhD candidates, lawyers. Good English skills required.

Tuition Fees

$500 for University of Geneva students

$4,850 for external participants

Faculty & Staff

Richard Schmalbeck: Co-Director

Robert Kolb: Co-Director

Hannes Meyle: Co-Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Teaching Faculty:

Vikram Chand, Graham Cook, Aline Darbellay, Deborah DeMott, Nita A. Farahany, Thomas Metzloff, Richard Schmalbeck, Mara Tignino, Jonathan Wiener, Müslüm Yilmaz.

Schedule & Classes

Classes offered in the 2017 Institute:

  • Introduction to American Law
  • Bioethics, Law, and Policy
  • Fragmentation and Complexity in International Environmental Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Introduction to International and Comparative Taxation
  • Financial Intermediaries: Markets, Regulation, and the Law

Classes will meet on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:55 p.m. Each class will be seventy minutes in length (with the exception of Introduction to American Law, which will be sixty minutes in length), and no courses will be offered simultaneously. Classes will be limited in size in order to facilitate interaction between faculty members and students. Students from the University of Geneva considering further study or the practice of law in the United States will benefit especially from the Introduction to American Law course, from the case method of teaching and from frequent interaction with faculty members and fellow students. Classroom instruction will be supplemented by special seminars, panel discussions and site visits.

All instruction will be in English. Written materials for each course will be supplied at no extra charge at the time of registration at the Institute. Any additional reference materials will be made available at the program site.


Non-Geneva students have to apply directly via

Geneva students have to send their application to Hannes Meyle, co-coordinator at Geneva University. Please see the following document for the application process and application requirements  arrow Duke-Geneva Institute in Transnational Law - FAQ