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No other place in the world hosts such an important number of global players as Geneva. They address today's most pressing challenges. Home to 99 international organizations, programmes, funds, institutes and other bodies, 250 non-governmental organizations, 174 countries represented, and 246 permanent missions and delegations, Geneva is at the heart of international cooperation and a capital of multilateral diplomacy.
Moreover, Geneva hosts an important number of multinational companies, financial and commodity trading companies with international reach.



The issues focused on in Geneva cover the world’s principal sectors and today's most pressing challenges: from global health to humanitarian action, migration or protection of the environment and sustainable development, international trade and human rights, democracy and rule of law, training and education, peacekeeping and security, intellectual property and nuclear research, telecommunications and labour.




The University of Geneva is fully integrated in this international landscape and plays a major role as an essential and respected partner to the « International Geneva ». The university has established several collaborative agreements with major international organizations, such as the United Nations (UN), The World Health Organization (WHO), the World Intellectual Propery Organization (WIPO), the UNDP, the ICRC, and CERN, among others.