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arriver GeneveArriving by plane

The airport is very close to downtown Geneva and transportation is very simple.

The first thing to do is to pick up a free ticket for the Geneva public transportation system ("Transports Publics Genevois - TPG") from the "Unireso" machine in the baggage claim area at the Arrival level. This Unireso ticket, offered by Geneva International Airport, allows you to use public transport in Geneva free for a period of 1h20m.

Then walk to the airport railway station and take the first train leaving. All trains stop at Geneva main station ("Gare Cornavin"), which is the first stop. The ride takes 6 minutes.


Arriving by train

At the railway station (Gare Cornavin), you will find many trams and buses which will take you to your final destination. For travel within Switzerland, we have a top-notch train system.

For more information on tram and bus schedules, please visit Transports publics genevois (TPG).