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Summer Exchange Testimonials
Read about the experience of University of Geneva students abroad and international students in Geneva.
Vera Alena Waldburger (Summer Exchange 2016 - Yonsei University)
Vera templeMy summer at Yonsei University was both intellectually and socially inspiring. My professors came from all over the world, and as a law student, I was particularly impressed to be able to take a class given by a New York Supreme Court judge. Classes are taught in English, and most students came from the United States,
so you’d better be fluent in English. I’ve got limited knowledge of Korean, but I also met students who didn’t speak any Korean at all and they got around Seoul just fine.
Although the classes were quite intense, the professors limited the amount of homework since this is a summer school (but expect sleepless nights during the midterms and finals) and there was no class on Friday, which left some time to discover Seoul – and there is a lot to discover. Be it cafés and restaurants, museums and the vibrant nightlife, walks along the river and hiking, or getting a taekwondo yellow belt, I don’t think it is possible to get bored in Seoul, and it is definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone.




Timothée Binoth (Summer Exchange 2016 – Chinese University of Hong Kong)

ThimotheeI’m currently finishing a Master in Asian studies, a program that is jointly proposed by the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development studies. Therefore, having participated at the exchange program with the Chinese University of Hong Kong during their 2016 Summer School has been a memorable experience, which gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about Chinese language in a peaceful and beautiful campus with really great teachers.
Moreover, since I am interested by Global cities and migration issues in Asia, having the chance to explore Hong Kong during one month gave me a really good glimpse of the transnational activities that this kind of city involve. That’s why I would like to thank the University of Geneva Summer School program and the Chinese University of Hong Kong for having allowed me to live this unforgettable experience and I also highly recommend others students to live this adventure!
Fatime Ahmeti (Summer Exchange 2016 - King's College London)
FatimeThe Summer at King’s College in London was an amazing adventure. I chose the programme in International Relations, because it’s related to my studies interests. Besides, it was a perfect timing and perfect place to learn more about Brexit referendum, as it happened few weeks before my summer school.
London is a very international place and I could feel it by living and studying at the KCL campus. The lectures at King’s were interesting and very interactive. Thus it was an opportunity to improve my English. Sometimes, it felt like we weren’t just a bunch of students at the summer school, but a little organization, “think tank”, composed of people from all around the world, looking for solutions to global issues. Besides lectures, we visit different places in order to deepen our knowledge about different kinds of organizations and institutions related to international relations, and politics in general. We had a chance to visit the UN International Maritime Organization, the Churchill War Room and the Palace of Westminster.
During the summer school, I’ve met great people with whom I still stay contact. In conclusion, the summer at King’s was an unforgettable experience, professionally and personally. Thus I am very grateful to Geneva Summer School for giving me this opportunity.
Raphael Zumsteg (Summer Exchange 2016 - Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Raphael SummerToSummer

The Putonghua Course at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has opened me the door to new opportunities. Not only could I develop a basic understanding of Simplified Chinese but also learn more about the principle “one country, two systems”. Apart from an excellent studying environment and modern facilities, CUHK offered various weekend excursions: a city sight-seeing trip, a ferry trip to Macao and a train trip to Shenzhen. It was the ideal preparation for my two weeks’ train travel through the PRC. Thank you UNIGE and thank you CUHK!





Ilaria Marchese (Summer Exchange 2016 - Chinese University of Hong Kong )
Looking back at my experience at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I realize how lucky I have been to be granted the opportunity to experience a vibrant city as Hong Kong, broaden my knowledge through class, cultural visits and meeting fellow students from different backgrounds. Inside the classroom, I learned about Asian business from the role of “guanxi” to the importance of the Chinese government leadership in the elaboration of the country’s economic strategies, but even more that companies need to think global but act local.As an economist seeing Hong Kong and China’s development made me question the importance of political systems in economic development, a question which I aim to pursue in future studies.Thank you Geneva Summer School Programme for these lifelong memories!
Anna Devine (Summer Exchange 2015 - King's College)

IMG devine

Being a part of the King’s College Summer school has been an amazing experience, as much on the academic level as on a personal level. 

It have been an incredible opportunity to study International Commercial Law, along with other students that share the same interest. It has been an enriching experience, due to the passion of the teachers and the infrastructure provided by King’s College. I am very grateful for the opportunity offered to me by the Geneva Summer School and King’s College, to be able to go into depth in a subject that I would like to engage in professionally in the future.










Wiam Bentaja (Summer Exchange 2015 - Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Wiam BentajaI would like to thank the university of Geneva Summer School program and the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the amazing time I had in Hong Kong.Not only my expectations of learning chinese were met but I also got to visit an incredible city and meet people from all around the world.

It was a unique experience that will be part of me forever. I was impressed by the quality of the teaching in CUHK chinese language department and the efficiency of their services.The exchange students were very well welcomed and the infrastructures were of quality : good dorms, a beautiful campus, and everything was well organized.

I can only recommend to all the students to apply for a summer school. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me !



 Florence Caron (Summer Exchange 2015 - King's College )

Caron GSS2015

I have been in London for one week and a half and so far it has been an amazing experience. The class I'm following at the King's College Summer School ,"Forced Migrations and Refugee Law", is very interesting and I've learned some critical points which have allowed me to better understand the situation in the Mediterranean Sea. Having the possibility to live for 3 weeks in London, which is such an incredible and cosmopolitan city, is truly amazing, especially sharing my flat with people from all over the world. 

I would like to thank the Geneva Summer School Programme and the Summer-to-Summer Network for giving me this amazing opportunity and I encourage others students to live this adventure !  









Victor Korulski (Summer Exchange 2014 - Chinese University of Hong Kong )

Victor GSS2014

Cet été, j’ai eu l’opportunité de participer à une « summer school » à « The Chinese University of Hong Kong » durant un mois et demi.

Hong  Kong est une ville à multiples facettes. D’une part, des buildings reliés par des passerelles, un trafic intense, une densité de population impressionnante et parmi cela, des temples et de multiples marchés de rue. D’autre part, des paysages inconcevables, des réserves naturelles à perte de vue, des cascades et des plages désertes, où j’ai pu faire de magnifiques randonnées.

Ces 6 semaines sur le campus ont été une expérience inoubliable. Elles m’ont permise de rencontrer des personnes de tout horizon et de lier de belles amitiés. 

Les cours et les échanges avec les autres étudiants m’ont donné la possibilité de pratiquer et ainsi d’améliorer mon niveau d’anglais.

J’ai suivi le cours intitulé « Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreuneurship » centré sur les « start-ups » portant notamment sur l’analyse des processus de création et d’évaluation, le management du risque, le développement de stratégies et la création de business plans.

Ce type de cours n’étant pas donné à Genève et portant un grand intérêt sur le sujet, j’ai beaucoup apprécié pouvoir le suivre. De plus, il était animé par divers travaux de groupes qui le rendait plus attractif et intéressant. Merci à la « Geneva Summer Schools»! 



Yann Mayorm (Summer Exchange 2014 - Chinese University of Hong Kong )

Yann GSS2014

So far CUHK has been pretty awesome : ) !

We are studying on a campus out of the city center, but with a beautiful scenery around us. Sport, grocery, and other facilities are all on campus making life very convenient. Over 400 other international students are with us, bringing diversity and cultural exchanges, portrayed in classes, (thought in an american style, less academic and more built on regular assignments, lectures and individual/group papers), where people give different answers and have different perspectives depending on their background.

The city of Hong Kong itself is amazing, giving us the opportunity to do many visits of temples and old Chinese neighborhoods, as well as financial centers, and nice restaurants by the shore populated with expats communities.  Macao can also be visited, being only one hour by boat from Hong Kong, and the Special Economical Zone of Shenzhen is also on the list.

It is definitely a summer school that is worth to be done, bringing us a big extra in education and practical experience to our studies in Geneva, recommending therefore to keep the summer school for the coming years.