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Understanding Global Governance 2016

I became more extroverted and more eager to be involved in different cultures...

It's my pleasure to write this (words) to thank you for providing us the fantastic Geneva Summer Schools!

My course, Understanding Global Governance, enabled us to be taught by experienced professors from worldwide as well as pay visits to most of the major international organizations in Geneva. Our classmates are from nearly every continent with diversified background. Not only did we get to know the amazing ideas conveyed by the professor and the staffs working in international organizations, but also we made a lot of new friends here. We respect different cultures and we shared our views as well as opinions with each other. Intangible influences on myself can be told by people who knew me before. I became more extroverted and more eager to be involved in different cultures.

The peaceful and beautiful city of Geneva is also really impressive to me. The lakes here are clear and blue. The people here are friendly and helpful. You don't need to worry that you can't speak French because people you meet here can generally speak English.

I do highly recommend Geneva Summer Schools to people who seek to gain a global view and eager to communicate with the global villagers!

Many thanks again for presenting us such wonderful summer schools!